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Getting under the skin of the X6900

By 15/02/2019News

When FLIR launches a new thermal imaging camera I can’t but help feel a twinge of excitement. I am a gadget geek which is probably one of the reasons why I love my job so much – so when FLIR announced it was launching the world’s fastest full frame IR camera you can imagine how eager I was to lay my hands on one.

I’m always fascinated to find out what’s new, what’s not been done before and what new thermal imaging technology can deliver for my clients in the R&D sector. Well the X6900 hasn’t disappointed. For starters, there are no other cameras in the world like it. There is currently nothing on the market which captures high speed data as full 640 x 512 frame images – and as exciting as that is, from the second it launched, I was chomping the bit to find out what else it could do. So, here are three cool things I’ve discovered:

  1. It has a Preset Sequencing Mode

When operating in this mode, the X6900 will cycle through a present sequence on a frame-by-frame basis. And, it’ll stay on each preset for the number of frames you set in the controls. This is great for working with temperatures which are fast-changing, but where you’ve got a good idea of how they’ll behave.



  1. It has Advanced Time Controls

FLIR has developed the timing controls on the X6900 so not only can you set the camera and IRIG time, you can also synchronise them with other hardware – a host PC for example. This means you can be 100% accurate in logging your captured frames.

  1. It has an Integrate While Read Mode

Most IR cameras will operate an ‘Integrate Then Read’ process – which affects their overall frame rate. The X6900 however can run an ‘Integrate While Read’ mode, which means it can integrate for a period, start the data readout and while that readout is still underway, it can start the integration for the next frame. This obviously really speeds up frame rates – and so one of the reasons why the X6900 is as fast as it is.

Those are just a few of the tricks the X6900 has up its sleeve, but trust me, there’s so much more it can do…and therefore so many reasons why you should own one! But hey, come see us at Battery Expo on 29thMarch at the International Centre in Telford. We can show you the camera, you can have play with it and we can have a chat about what it could do for you.

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