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Pricing from £8808.00+vat


FLIR A400 and A700 Science Kits offer researchers and engineers a streamlined solution for accurate temperature measurement. Simplified yet robust connections help you set up and start testing quickly; then easily view, acquire, and analyze data using included FLIR Research Studio software. The Standard kit includes a FLIR A400 or A700 Image Streaming camera, 24° lens with automatic/remote and manual focusing, as well as FLIR Macro Mode. The Professional kit has the added benefits of MSX® image enhancement, radiometric data transmission over Wi-Fi, and a close-up lens for accurate thermal measurements on small components.

Simplified Analysis & Collaboration

FLIR Research Studio’s simple Connect – View – Record – Analyze workflow helps you obtain and analyze thermal results quickly.

Accuracy you can count on

Multiple lens options ensure the maximum number of pixels on your object; crisp auto or manual focus improves thermal measurement.

Unmatched Connectivity

Eliminate the need for additional cables using standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) plus Wi-Fi connection to your workstation (Professional kit)

Pricing Variations

86002-0202 - FLIR A400 Standard Science Kit £8808.00+vat
86002-0102 - FLIR A400 Professional Science Kit £11752.00+vat
85902-0202 - FLIR A700 Standard Science Kit £13337.00+vat
85902-0102 - FLIR A700 Professional Science Kit £16281.00+vat
Unmatched Connectivity

All of the Science Kits are based on either an A400 (320×240) or A700 (640×480) Advanced Image Streaming Camera with a 24° Lens.

  • The Standard Science Kits include one of these cameras, plus the following accessories:
    • Hard case
    • M12 X coded to RJ45 Network cable 2m
    • M12 X coded to Female RJ45 with locking 30 cm
    • Standard RJ45 to RJ45, 2 m
    • M12 Open end power and IO cable 2m
    • PoE power injector, with multi-plugs (commercial)
    • MacroMode
    • Research Studio v1.0 – 1 Year Subscription (Online Activation)
  • The Professional Science Kits include everything in the Standard Kits, plus the following accessories:
    • WiFi module incl Antenna
    • Visual Camera w/ MSX
    • Close-up 0.5X Lens


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