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A6xxx 3 tab 50mm lens

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£2850.00+vatA6xxx 3 tab 50mm lens A6xxx 3 tab 50mm lens

A6xxx Conversion from 3 to 4tab lens

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£1850.00+vatA6xxx Conversion from 3 to 4tab lens Coverts from the old 3 tab lens to the new HDC 4 tab.

FLIR One Pro for IOS

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£350.00+vatFLIR One Pro for IOS Meet the next generation FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro thermal cameras. When connected to a smartphone, the FLIR ONE allows you to see the...


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£350.00+vatFLIR C2 The FLIR C2 is a full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed for a wide range of building and electrical/mechanical applications. Keep it on you so you’re ready anytime to...

FLIR T197215 Close-up Lens

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£1850.00+vatFLIR T197215 Close-up Lens with Case for the T4XX A3xx series Close-up Lens 4x (100 µm) includes case. For R&D usage or development purposes. Accessory close up lens 4x magnification...

P/N: T198066 Close-up IR lens

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£3850.00+vatP/N: T198066 Close-up IR lens, 1.5× (25 µm) with case For R&D usage or development purposes. As an example looking at PCB’s or small electronic components.

FLIR A6750sc with high temp (3 to 5um) -20° to 2000°C

The FLIR A6750 MWIR camera offers short exposure times and high-speed windowed frame rates, making it an ideal choice for recording rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets. Freeze motion or achieve accurate temperature measurements on moving subjects, and perform a variety of non-destructive testing with this cooled InSb camera. The 327,680 (640 x 512) pixel IR resolution and high sensitivity produce crisp imagery, well suited to electronics inspections, scientific research, and more.