Research & Development

Thermal imaging has proven itself to be an indispensable analysis method in the R&D community – its application possibilities are seemingly endless. 

Printed circuit boards

Understanding heat dissipation within a circuit board is extremely difficult, but thermal imaging makes this possible without compromising performance. 

High-speed/stop motion

FLIR is at the cutting edge of high-speed camera technology. Its pioneering applications of high-speed thermography include analysis of jet engine turbine blades, supersonic projectiles and explosions. 

Thermal signatures

Commonly used in the design of vehicles, sensors and camouflage systems, thermal signatures measure infrared brightness and can reveal the appearance of a given object. 


Thermal imaging camera systems can be used to work alongside video tracking systems to help maintain visibility and track a specific object when working in low light conditions.

Directed energy

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) include laser, high power radio frequency and particle beam technologies. Thermal imaging cameras are used in the testing of DEW instrumentation and the analysis of target impacts. 

Thermal imaging microscopy

When a thermal imaging camera is combined with a microscope, it becomes a thermal imaging microscope. Using this technology, temperature measurements can be taken from subjects as small as 3microns. 

Medical thermography

FLIR cameras are widely used in medicine diagnostics and treatment. They provide an accurate, measurable, non-contact technique which can capture changes in surface temperatures.

Laser designation

Laser designators emit a beam of laser energy which is used to mark a specific place or object. Thermal imaging cameras can detect these otherwise invisible laser beams and are used for identifying locations and targets.

Infrared Non-Destructive Testing (IR NDT)

IR NDT can identify internal issues by studying thermal differences on a target surface. It’s a valuable tool for detecting voids, delaminations and trapped water in composite materials.

Technical surveillance and countermeasures

Thermal imaging is used to identify heat signatures from covert surveillance devices. Even devices hidden within objects can be revealed by the minute energy given off in the form of IR energy.

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR)

This is used in the non-destructive quantitative analysis of crops, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products. It’s also used to examine art forgeries.


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